About Halau Hula ‘O Kilakilapilialohaikapu’uwai

“Hula School of Majestic Love that Clings to the Heart”

Aloha! We are a non-profit, Christian Halau and we follow Ho’okupono (protocols).  It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you come from, as long as you have love for hula, you belong here!

Come enjoy dancing hula (‘auana/modern hula and kahiko/ancient hula), playing music and sharing our Aloha Spirit with the community.  Kumu Kapilipu’uwai’s lineage comes from Kumu Hula Kawehi Punahele of Halau Hula Kaleooka’iwa. Kumu Hula Kawehi is highly respected and honored for his contribution to preserving hula and the Hawaiian culture.

Hula is telling a story through hand movements and dance. It is the ancient form of communication in Hawaii. In our history and language class we learn of the deeper meanings of the culture.  Shoes are removed upon entry, and haumana prepare to oli (asking permission through a prayerful chant to enter).  The Kumu responds granting permission (prayerful response to enter into love, aloha and giving all thanks to Ke Akua, Heavenly Father) asking all that enter to leave all of the outside world out of the sacred area where we hula. Our Halau is sacred ground, and we treat it with dignity in all that we do. Haumana are expected to conduct themselves in and out of halau in a manner which is always reflective of Kumu Kapilipu’uwai.

We accept dancers of all levels. We have a process for beginners who have never danced hula before.  Your first class is free!  Should you choose to become a member, you’ll have an interview for acceptance from Kumu.



Our hope is to connect with locals that also share a love for Polynesia, the culture, and peace among one-another, while giving back to the community through our service projects.  The newest is Project Aloha, a system of giving back through an in-house pantry. We fill reusable bags with bottled water, canned goods and protein bars. Participating members are asked to keep 3 bags in their car at all times. When you see a brother or sister in need in the community, you can give them a bag. We take coupons from many sources and use the concept of extreme couponing to stock our halau food pantry.

THE FOLLOWING IS A QUOTE FROM Kumu Mark Keali’i Ho’omalu, Hula Consultant, Hawaiian Music Composer,
This is the Mission Statement for this Halau:
“If you’re small or tall, skinny or fat, it doesn’t make a difference if your desire is to dance Hula.
I give great praise to all those that are not Hawaiian, that value Hula too & do Hula.
How grand it is for somebody else to love something of someone else’s culture, I think thats a beautiful thing. Mahalo to those that are not Hawaiian & still love Hula, Thank You very much.”

Class Times And Fees

Membership is $40 per adult, $30 for keiki (kids under 12) per month for unlimited classes. First class is FREE! Ohana of 2 $60 per month.


9:30a-12pm All levels Hula Class (all ages 3yr-Adult)

5:30p-7:30p All Levels Hula Class: Keiki, Adult/Makuahine/Makuakane (over 50+ yrs)

Hula Performance Videos